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Episode #277 – October 23, 2021

This is the one where Andy & Peter pull in Lars to provide some insight into the Newcastle takeover by Saudi Arabia and the reality that a bi-annual World Cup is now more likely to happen than ever imagined.  Also a preview of the ManUtd/Liverpool Sunday matchup, Daniel checks in with some great Serie A […]

Episode #276 – October 16, 2021

This is the one where Andy & Peter return to LIVE radio broadcasting just in time for the restart after an international break.  A full slate of Premier League action starting with the garbage fire that has become ManUtd, and Liverpool’s return to a fully operational machine of soccer destruction. Plus, Tyler Kern checks in […]

WCQ Special – USMNT Games 4-6

This is the one where Andy & Peter go old school, just the two of them, reviewing this last week in USMNT World Cup Qualifying drama.  Are two wins and a loss, “good enough”?  Did anyone change their minds, on either side of the Berhalter fence? The show returns, LIVE, this Saturday (10/16) at 2 […]

KickAround Pod Show – October 3, 2021

This is the one where Andy is busy doing soccer business stuff and college football has bullied its way into our time slot – which means there was no broadcast show this week. So, to keep the promise to the good P1’s to talk soccer – Peter holds a lengthy review of the weekend’s action […]

Episode #275 – September 26, 2021

This is the one where Andy & Peter wonder if matches between league leaders which become tactical battles are boring, enjoy how Villa’s keeper drilled right into Bruno’s head and other thoughts in Premier League action with Lars Sivertsen.  Tyler Kern checks in to catch us up on Bundesliga and joins in on the talk […]

Episode #274 – September 11, 2021

This is the one where Andy & Peter return from the international window to find themselves caught up in Ronaldo’s return debut brace for ManUtd. Plus a look back at the crazy week that was USMNT and Ricardo Pepi.  Plus Daniel Robertson with SerieA and Tyler Kern to catch us up on the Bundesliga.

WCQ Special – Game 3 / HON vs USA

This is the one where Andy & Peter breathe a giant sigh of relief as our very own Pepi saves the USA’s ass in Honduras.  4-1 and a win on the road salvages what was shaping up to be a Courva-esque low point for the USSF.  The guys are joined by Buzz Carrick and ESPN’s […]

WCQ Special – Game 2 / US vs CAN

This is the one where Andy & Peter (aka: Canada vs US) are joined by Tyler Kern and Buzz Carrick to discuss the 1-1 draw in Nashville.  How freaked out should US fans be and is Andy a just gleeful Maple Leaf flying high? Is any US player showing well? What the hell is going […]

WCQ Special – Game 1 / US vs SLV

This is the one where Andy & Peter are joined by Tyler Kern to discuss the USMNT 1st game in World Cup Qualifying – a 0-0 draw in El Salvador.  Recorded right after the final whistle – lots of knee-jerk reactions and expectation setting of the realities of CONCACAF matches.

Episode #273 – August 28, 2021

This is the one where Andy & Peter somehow attempt to cram in way too much soccer talking into way too few segments. Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United, Pepi’s announcement to play for the USMNT, the VAR Drama of LIVCHE, Arsenal’s wheel’s flying all over the place + Tyler Kern w/ Bundesliga and Daniel Roberson […]